What day of the week was October 24, 2005?

The day of the week October 24th, 2005 fell on was a Monday. Last day of Sukkot for Jewish people.

Joy Clements the American soprano (b. 1932) died on this day in 2005. As did Josť Azcona del Hoyo the Honduran politician, President of Honduras (b. 1926) , Mokarrameh Ghanbari the Iranian painter (b. 1928) , Immanuel C.Y. Hsu the Chinese sinologist and scholar (b. 1923) , Rosa Parks the American activist (b. 1913) , Robert Sloman the English actor and screenwriter (b. 1926) .

Hurricane Wilma makes landfall in Florida resulting in 35 direct 26 indirect fatalities and causing $20.6B USD in damage.