What day of the week was October 21, 2012?

The day of the week October 21st, 2012 fell on was a Sunday.

Harvie Andre the Canadian engineer and politician (b. 1940) died on this day in 2012. As did Yash Chopra the Indian director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1932) , Antoni Dobrowolski the Polish educator (b. 1904) , Ted Kazanoff the American actor (b. 1922) , Jaroslav Kozlík the Czech volleyball player and educator (b. 1907) , Alf Kumalo the South African photographer and journalist (b. 1930) , George McGovern the American historian, lieutenant, and politician (b. 1922) .

A shooting at a spa in Brookfield the Wisconsin, leaves four people dead, including the shooter.