What day of the week was May 23, 2012?

The day of the week May 23rd, 2012 fell on was a Wednesday.

T. Garry Buckley the American politician, 72nd Lieutenant Governor of Vermont (b. 1922) died on this day in 2012. As did Gyula Elek the Hungarian handball player and coach (b. 1932) , Sattareh Farmanfarmaian the Persian daughter of Abdol-Hossein Mirza Farmanfarma (b. 1921) , Paul Fussell the American historian, author, and educator (b. 1924) , Hal Jackson the American radio host (b. 1915) , Joseph Lesniewski the American soldier (b. 1920) , William C. Wampler the American politician (b. 1926) .

Adam Lambert became the first openly gay artist to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 Album Charts the with his album Trespassing (album)|Trespassing.