What day of the week was June 23, 2012?

The day of the week June 23rd, 2012 fell on was a Saturday.

Robin de La Lanne-Mirrlees the English author and soldier (b. 1925) died on this day in 2012. As did James Durbin the English economist and statistician (b. 1923) , Brigitte Engerer the French pianist and educator (b. 1952) , Ken Hargreaves the English politician (b. 1939) , Alan McDonald the Irish footballer and manager (b. 1963) , Frank Chee Willeto the American politician, 4th Vice President of the Navajo Nation (b. 1925) , Walter J. Zable the American football player and businessman, founded the Cubic Corporation (b. 1915) .

Ashton Eaton breaks the decathlon world record at the United States Olympic Trials.