What day of the week was January 10, 2005?

The day of the week January 10th, 2005 fell on was a Monday.

Basil the Ukrainian-Canadian bishop (b. 1909) died on this day in 2005. As did Arthur Walworth the American author (b. 1903) , Princess Joséphine Charlotte of Belgium (b. 1927) , Jack Horner the American journalist (b. 1912) , Erwin Hillier the German-English cinematographer (b. 1911) , Kalevi Hämäläinen the Finnish skier (b. 1932) , James Forman the American activist (b. 1928) , Margherita Carosio the Italian soprano (b. 1908) , Gene Baylos the American comedian (b. 1906) .

A mudslide occurs in La Conchita the California, killing 10 people, injuring many more and closing U.S. Route 101, the main coastal corridor between Los Angeles and San Francisco for 10 days.