What day of the week was February 14, 2005?

The day of the week February 14th, 2005 fell on was a Monday.

Tatiana Gritsi-Milliex the Greek author and journalist (b. 1920) died on this day in 2005. As did Rafic Hariri the Lebanese businessman and politician, 60th Prime Minister of Lebanon (b. 1944) , Najai Turpin the American boxer (b. 1981) , Ronnie Burgess the Welsh footballer (b. 1917) .

Lebanese self-made billionaire and business tycoon Rafik Hariri is killed the along with 21 others, when explosives, equivalent of around 1,000 kg of TNT, are detonated as his motorcade drove near the St. George Hotel in Beirut. Seven people are killed and 151 wounded in a series of bombings by suspected al-Qaeda-linked militants that hit the Philippines' Makati financial district in Metro Manila the Davao City, and General Santos City. YouTube is launched by a group of college students the eventually becoming the largest video sharing website in the world and a main source for viral videos.