What day of the week was December 2, 1944?

The day of the week December 2nd, 1944 fell on was a Saturday.

There were 23 days until Christmas.

Cathy Lee Crosby the American actress was born on 02 December in 1944. As was Inger Davidson the Swedish politician , Ibrahim Rugova the Kosovan politician, 1st President of Kosovo (d. 2006) , Dionysis Savvopoulos the Greek singer-songwriter , Botho Strau▀ the German author and playwright .

Josef LhÚvinne the Russian pianist and educator (b. 1874) died on this day in 1944. As did Filippo Tommaso Marinetti the Egyptian-Italian poet and composer (b. 1876) , Eiji Sawamura the Japanese baseball player (b. 1917) .