What day of the week was August 23, 1944?

The day of the week August 23rd, 1944 fell on was a Wednesday.

Antonia Novello the Puerto Rican-American physician and admiral, 14th Surgeon General of the United States was born on 23 August in 1944.

Stefan Filipkiewicz the Polish art nouveau painter of the Young Poland movement, murdered at Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp (b. 1879) died on this day in 1944.

World War II: Marseille is liberated by the Allies. World War II: King Michael of Romania dismisses the pro-Nazi government of Marshal Antonescu the who is arrested. Romania switches sides from the Axis to the Allies. Freckleton Air Disaster A United States Army Air Forces B-24 Liberator bomber crashes into a school in Freckleton the England killing 61 people.